This video is about the basic understanding of different types of ethernet cables. Specifically these are cat5, cat5e, cat6 and cat7 cables. TP LINK SG108PE Managed Switch unboxing: If you would like to purchase the ethernet cables in this video, please click the links below(affiliate links): Cat7 ethernet cable: Cat7 flat ethernet cable: Video footage shot on iPhone 6s

5. Cat5 vs cat6 vs cat71. Cat7 ethernet cable2. Cat6 ethernet cable3. Ethernet cables4. Basic understanding of ethernet cables6. What are differences between cat5 cat6 cat77. Tp-link managed gigabit ethernet switch8. What ethernet cables shall i use9. Ethernet cables comparisonbest ethernet cable for home networkethernet cable rj45different ethernet cablesethernet cable as fast as possibleTP LINK SG108PE Managed Switch