Buy the album this song is on here: Be careful with how you treat others -- Inst+VSQ: Art by Sleppu: Video by Pancake: Krypt's Youtube: My Patreon: Krypt's Patreon: Please check out our patreons! We post songs there all the time, and I have a few songs that have yet to see YouTube on there! Comments: Circus- This song is a collaboration with Krypt(AKA Eyeris)! It was really fun to write, we decided to collab like the day after the New Years livestream and we wrote most of this within that day. I actually wrote all the lyrics/melody in like, an hour... it was pretty surreal. Krypt did an Amazing job at creating a neat instrumental! And Pancake and Sleppu went above and beyond with the art and video direction. I'm really glad to have worked with such awesome people on this song! And I hope you like it! Eyeris- Circus was such a pleasure to work with. We were able to finish this song so fucking fast, and this song literally had so much meaning to it, even with what time we finished it by. Honestly, it came very quickly and naturally! Again, he was a pleasure to work with, and I have every intention to work with him again. Everything behind it was so beautifully put together, and the video and the art by Pancake and Sleppu just really put this video together so well. Everything in this was really well put together, and honestly, I feel so honored to be working these beautiful people, and I want to thank you all for watching. And remember! Karma's a bitch. ==Info== Contact: Patreon: Twitter: Tumblr: Facebook: Bandcamp: PO Box: Circus P P.O. Box 331 North Berwick, ME 03906

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