(Fixed) Sound driver okay but cant hear any sound on my laptop! Project -Make Knowledge Free One afternoon while on a skype call , i could not hear my friend's voice ...i was puzzled because the speakers and everything were fine and the drivers were all updated ...turned on Youtube and my worst fears came to life ! The audio on my system automatically died ! Now , i decided to explore what is happening with my speakers ...so i went to playback from sound options and i could see that the playback was turned on for two devices Note that for recording sound , even if 4 microphones are enabled there should not be any problem but for playback(speakers i.e listening ) if you have more than one devices installed , then the system will not play your sound ! For me the default system speakers were turned on and so were the Yeti speakers which i have recently bought I decided to turn of the Yeti speakers ( keeping the microphone still on ) so that the system speakers were the only one now enabled ! And voila , the system sound has come back ! I would have rushed to Lamington road on any other day ...but today i decided to explore and solve the problem myself Hope someday this video will help someone when he or she finds himself or herself in a similar situation ! God bless you wonderful people ! Cheers !

Sound driver okay but cant hear any sound on my laptop!help..i can't hear any sound from my laptopI can't hear any sound on my laptopall of a sudden my laptop sound has stopped coming